Data Analysis with Python

Advanced Python – Analysis and Visualization of Scientific Data
In the “Advanced Python – Analysis and Visualization of Scientific Data” workshop the participants learn the most fundamental skills for analyzing (large) scientific data sets using Python and Jupyter Notebooks. The workshop consists of a series of modules, each having a lecture and exercise part. In the exercises, the participants are encouraged to work on their own data sets, if applicable. The specific content of the course is:
–          Brief revision of Python syntax and Jupyter notebooks
–          Reading and writing of files
–          Handling data with Numpy
–          Treating larger data sets Pandas
–          Visualization of data with Matplotlib
–          Fitting and filtering of data
–          Bonus: Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

Additional Workshop Days with Specialized Content
In addition to the fundamental content taught in this 3 day workshop, 1-2 days with more specialized content can be offered. The available topics here include:
–          Symbolic calculations
–          Virtual environments
–          Version control with Git & Github
–          Introduction to parallel computing
–          Neural Networks with PyTorch