My Offer

I offer intensive, 1-3 day courses and workshops in which we develop the quintessentials tools and methods to be successful as a young scientist. The content includes, but is not limited to the following:

Project and time management
To achieve goals in complex work environments such as cutting-edge science requires an efficient self-, time- and project management.
We compare traditional and agile project management techniques and how they can be applied to a PhD thesis, writing a manuscript or managing a full scientific project from start to end.

Communication and conflict management
Efficient communication with colleagues and supervisors is important, e.g. to define common levels of expectation.
Conflicts are inevitable, but we learn how to resolve these or minimize their negative outcome.

Creativity is vital for academic work and scientific research – and being creative is a method that everyone can learn. Clear methods, e.g., from design thinking, can be used to boost creativity.

Advancing as a scientist comes with increased leadership responsibilities. In group activities we can determine what is “good leadership”  and we can train these traits interactively.

Career development in- or outside academia
Awareness of our priorities and values as well as our mid- and long-term career goals is crucial for career advancement. We define these and use them to create a clear development plan.

My workshops and courses are held either on-site or online and in smaller or larger group settings of sizes typically between four and twenty participants. They can further be held both in English or German, depending on the audience.

The courses are highly interactive and build on a strong collaboration of myself with the scientists. Rather than through one-way teaching, the participants acquire the knowledge via active participation in group activities, breakout sessions, etc.

Due to Covid-19 most courses are currently held online, which comes along with additional advantages: The scheduling can be flexible, and the intensive course work can be separated into several shorter sessions. Spreading these sessions over a few days allows the participants to reflect the newly acquired knowledge before taking the next step.

Please contact me, if you are interested in hosting a course or workshop with me.