Reference Projects

Coding with AI Videos – Interactive Dashboards (11.10.2023)

I wanted to see if I can exploit ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot to learn how to build interactive Python Dashboards from scratch in less than 2 hours. I managed, at least to build a very simple one!

Web App Built with

I have spend 1-2 hours optimizing the Dashboard which I have generated in the video above. Here it is. Done with a little (or a lot 😉 ) of help from ChatGPT.

You can find the code for this interactive dashboard here

Coding with AI Videos – Data Analysis with ChatGPT (29.9.2023)

I have repeated a coding exercise which we have done in our Webinar “From Zero to Coding Using AI-Tools” and recorded it. Have a look how we can analyze data with ChatGPT using GPT4 and the Advanced Data Analysis Plugin.

VR Advanced Lab Course at Uni Hamburg (November 2022)

I have contributed to an VR advanced lab course experiment lead by Prof. Dr. Christian Bressler at Uni Hamburg and European XFEL in collaboration with UniVirLab and with funding by the Joachim Herz Stiftung.
I contributed to experimental task description, simulation of the generated output data and created this video, which demonstrates a walk around the lab.